[01:43 pm] 03 September, 2008

Today the main theme of discussions in Armenia's political circles
is Turkey's President Abdullah Gul's upcoming visit to Armenia. A1+
tried to know our fellow-citizens opinion on Gul's arrival.

"Turks have always been our enemies. They always hated us and felt
disgust towards Armenians. What is the use of inviting them to
Armenia today? Do we really need them?" said 69-year-old Knarik. Her
grandfather was murdered by Turks in 1915.

In the main, old-age people agree with Grandma Knarik saying that
Turkey will never be on good terms with Armenia.

"Turks are fraudulent people. No matter how much our president tries
to reconcile the sides his efforts will surely fail doing harm to
Armenia," said 62-year-old Vardan.

Unlike elderly people youth welcome the authorities' step. "They simply
want to better the tense bilateral relations," said 24-year-old Hasmik
who wants to live in peace.

"Surely we should forget neither the Genocide nor its perpetrators. And
yet, we shouldn't allow our countries to speculate the matter for
their good. Armenia and Turkey had better solve their problems with
joint efforts," said 20-year-old Hayk.

18-year-old Alina says her friends from Iran write to her every day
and scold for the invitation. "They say they don't live in Armenia
because of the Turks."

37-year-old Vigen doubts that Armenia and Turkey can ever reconcile.

"They instill hatred in Turkish children towards Armenians still in
cradles. How can Turks love us?" wondered 37-year-old Vigen.

"The youth of the 21st century are against wars. We are ready to
conciliate with Turks. We do believe that Turkish youth will agree
with us," said 19-year-old Laura.