2009-09-01 15:02:00

ArmInfo. On September 5 ARARATBANK will launch a project on
bonus cards ARARAT TRANSFER. The press-service of ARARATBANK told
ArmInfo that the given project will give an opportunity to the bank
clients to accumulate bonuses when carrying out money transfers via
international payment systems. The bonuses will allow the clients
to make advantage of numerous privileges, as well as to take part in
drawing of expensive prices.

The client may receive the bonus card by sending or receiving
transfers worth maximum $10 thsd within a month via international
payment systems operating in ARARATBANK. On receiving the bonus
card and carrying out money transfers before the upcoming drawing,
the client will receive bonuses to the card account depending on the
transfer amount. In particular, one bonus point falls on each $1 of
money transfer. 5 card-holders, who obtain the majority of points,
and 5 more random card-holders participate in the drawing which is
held 4 times a year (once a quarter).

According to the source, the owners of ARARAT TRANSFER cards will
receive an opportunity to be served at ARARATBANK avoiding the
queue, to receive a 10% discount when carrying out money transfers
via international payment systems, to receive a chance to exchange
currency at the bank at a more preferential exchange rate, to make
advantage of banking safe-deposit boxes with 50% discount.

Furthermore, ARARAT TRANSFER card-holders will obtain additional
points if involve a new client who will conclude a transaction worth
$10 thsd within a month.

To note, ARARATBANK has 27 branches, most of them are in the regions
of Armenia.