Friday August 28, 2009

Artashat Water Supply Project is completed

Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II joined U.S. Ambassdor
Marie L. Yovanovitch, Ararat Governor Vardges Hovakimyan, and other
representatives of the Armenian government, the United States Agency
for International Development, the Fund for Armenian Relief, and the
Armenian Water Company on August 26 to mark the successful completion
of a $3.16 million USAID water-supply project. With the ceremony,
three project-supported daily regulating reservoirs were handed over
to the Armenian Water Company.

The project aimed to increase the volume of water delivered by
gravity flow from Garni sources, which will be accumulated in new and
rehabilitated reservoirs and distributed through new water mains. About
100,000 residents of Artashat town and 27 surrounding villages are
expected to benefit from a significantly improved safe drinking-water
supply. The project has also helped reduce energy consumption by
eliminating the need to pump water from the deep wells around Artashat.

The two-year project is currently USAID/Armenia's largest capital
investment initiative. Project activities launched in May 2007 and
included the installation of approximately 50 kilometers of new water
mains and distribution lines, the construction of a new 4,000 cubic
meter reservoir, and the rehabilitation of two existing ones.

In her opening remarks at the ceremony, Ms. Yovanovitch noted the
social and economic benefits of the project, which will now make
safe and clean potable water accessible to target communities in
Artashat. "I am confident that the project will significantly improve
the health and well-being of people in this area and will support the
government of Armenia in its efforts to foster economic development
of the regions outside of Yerevan," she said.