2009/09 /01 | 00:28


Below is the joint statement signed by Armenia, Turkey and mediator
Switzerland regarding the start of talks leading to the establishment
of diplomatic relations between Yerevan and Ankara. The text appears
in the RoA Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Turkey have agreed to
start their internal political consultations on the two protocols -
the "Protocol on the establishment of diplomatic relations" and the
"Protocol on the development of bilateral relations" - which have
been initiated in the course of their efforts under Swiss mediation.

The two Protocols provide for a framework for the normalization of
their bilateral relations within a reasonable timeframe. The political
consultations will be completed within six weeks, following which
the two Protocols will be signed and submitted to the respective
Parliaments for the ratification on each side. Both sides will make
their best efforts for the timely progression of the ratification in
line with their constitutional and legal procedures.

The normalization of bilateral relations will contribute to the
regional peace and stability. The Republic of Armenia and the Republic
of Turkey are committed are pursuing their joint efforts with the
assistance of Switzerland.