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11:15:41 - 31/08/2009

The document that the Armenian National Congress had handed to
the fact-finding group according to which a number of Armenian
high-ranking officials and oligarchs got military uniforms for their
bodyguards in order to take part in the March 1 disorders, aroused a
serious movement. Yesterday a session of the temporary parliamentary
commission to study March 1 was held to discuss the document. Since
this commission is composed of parties serving the oligarchs,
the embarrassment and the "dissatisfaction" of the commissioners
becomes clear. They were demanding to discuss the authenticity of
the document and if it is proved not to be authentic, the authors
have to be held responsible.

The authenticity of the document is to be verified by the
relevant bodies, and we had better take into account several
circumstances. First, the response it got: the high-ranking officials,
the parliament members, the oligarchs are in fact accused of having
committed a grave crime against the country and the people. The
Armenian office of prosecutor general publicly refused the report
published by the fact-finding group several days ago. The parliamentary
commission held a session in a hurry and the impression was that the
demand of the members was not to learn whether the document is true
but to do something, which is highly characteristic of the present

The next circumstance is the essence of the present Armenian
government. It is not a secret that only those who do tangible favors
to the government are promoted. The essence of this favor is to
eliminate the right to vote and the constitutional devices to change
government. The people included in the list are the brilliant masters
of this work. There are several national elections in their biography,
the culmination of which is the 2008 presidential election. In
accordance with the logic of the present government, we only have
to see what the members of the list got after the presidential
elections. Hence, Hovik Abrahamyan became the speaker of Parliament
and assumed his honorable office in the politburo. Let us call so the
non-official body which in reality rules the country. Gagik Beglaryan
got the post of the mayor of Yerevan. Gagik Tsarukyan got monopoly
in exporting the production of his products. Mher Sedrakyan keeped
his Erebuni community and avoided undesirable developments. The same
goes for Member of Parliament Levon Sargsyan. As well as Samvel
Aleksanyan who kept the monopolies, the governor of Syunik region
Surik Khachatryan, Arakel Movsisyan. There is so much compromising
materials on these people that would be enought for several gangs. As
to Vachik Ghazaryan, one of the closest people of Serge Sargsyan,
the head of Serge Sargsyan's security, no comment is needed. Serge
Sargsyan became president.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress