Naira Hayrumyan

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09:17:31 - 01/09/2009

Five major information are informed by national TV channels: Serge
Sargsyan should go to Turkey, compromises are necessary in the
Karabakhi settlement, the economic situation in Armenia is leveled,
the opposition is not uniting and the fall will not be hot.

The whole end of summer, politicians and political scientists are
engaged in prophesying cool autumn. Without sparing effort and time,
they convince people that the fall will be the same like winter,
spring and summer. As proof of his opinion, they bring the fact that
had prophesied a hot spring in the winter, then a hot summer, but the
year is cool. Spectators blindly believe their words, not remembering
that spring, summer, and even winter were quite hot. It all depends on
what to compare with. In every season, there is something that has kept
the high temperature in the society and did not give the authorities to
relax. It is sufficient to recall the economic crisis, but there were
also many other domestic events. They may become "hotter", if as it
is expected the unity of the three oppositional forces takes place:
the Armenian National Congress, the ARF and the "Heritage". Tigran
Karapetich prophesies also Vardan Oskanyan's adherence to them.

And in this case, the fall from a "velvet season" can turn into in a
"pair". The temperature will be raised by the same opposition that
has already proven that it is able to dictate terms. Despite the
"cool" winter and spring, the opposition managed to insist on the
adoption of 4 resolutions of the PACE, the amnesty of political
prisoners, the continuation of the work of the fact-finding group
and investigation of the events of March 1. The latest "dictation"
was the document attesting the participation of people from the
surrounding of high-ranking officials in the events of March 1,
which caused a serious stir.

What steps the opposition plans for the fall is not known. Obviously,
someone does not want the consolidation of the three opposition
forces with considerable authority. In the case of the consolidation,
expectations from them will rise to the order. Might they cope with it?