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12:14:12 - 01/09/2009

We have to admit that few of the spectators of the Armenian and Turkish
relation would expect the two protocols, issued on August 31. Even
if such an event was expected in the process of the normalization
of the Armenian and Turkish relations, nevertheless, very few people
imagined that such a thing might happen in the nearest future.

Above all doubts, the Armenian government will represent this event
as a success of Armenia, because the protocols prepared by Armenia
and Turkey, dwell on the opening of the border and establishment
of relations.

But both of the protocols contain not only amazing but also worrying
points for the Armenian side. The point is that the protocols run
that Armenia and Turkey, the countries who sign the protocols, respect
the territorial integrity of other countries. Is there not any danger
in connection with the Karabakhi conflict? Is Azerbaijan not one of
the other countries? The point is that there does not seem to be any
exception in the protocol.

Besides, the sides also recognize each other's borders. There is
no comment either relating to the fact that the sides set up an
intergovernmental commission to shape an atmosphere of mutual trust
among the societies, which will also have other issues, including a
sub-commission to study the genocide issue.

There is not a single word of course about the genocide or the
commission to study it in the protocol. But what means impartial and
through examination of historical documents. Turkey has never posed
the genocide question such as but it has always dwelt on historical
issues. Consequently, Turkey means the genocide examination, and
for the Armenian side the real meaning of the formulations should
be clear. If the Armenian side fails to notice the real meaning,
this means that the document with Turkey is signed by people far from
politics and diplomacy.

In other words, it seems to be evident that the protocols signed by
Armenia and Turkey include all the three preconditions, which the
Turkish side was presenting to the Armenian one in exchange of opening
the border and establishing diplomatic relations through leakages of
information and Turkish high ranking officials.

The Armenian side has always refused the existence of preconditions,
but getting acquainted with the text of the protocols, it is difficult
to believe those refusals. We only need to believe that that during
these six weeks of consultations, which are going to be held on the
protocols, the Armenian side will manage to eliminate the dangers
present in the texts of the protocols. However, the fact that the
text was published by the Armenian Foreign Ministry, means that it
did not find any dangerous points in it or it did not want to.