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15:18:29 - 31/08/2009

>From July 19-31, in the Chanakkale city of Turkey, a summer
international camp was organized, into which 14-17 year old
15 Armenian, 19 Turkish and 10 American youths took part. It was
organized with the assistance of the U.S. embassy to Turkey. The
aim of the camp was to help the students to contribute to the
intercultural communication, to understand better each other and
to shape an atmosphere of tolerance. Courses of English as well as
intercultural meetings were organized for the students.

On August 31, the U.S. ambassador to Armenia, Marie Jovanovich met
with pupils and reporters. Jovanovich stated that the camp was a very
nice possibility for the students to see Turkey and to get acquainted
with its culture. The Armenian and Turkish children understood that
they have the same dreams and desires.

According to Marie Jovanovich, the normalization of the Armenian and
Turkish relation is very important for the region. The U.S. hopes that
tangible results will soon be registered. The ambassador thinks that
the normalization will open new economic and political opportunities
for Armenia and Turkey.