Sept 15 2009

Elamr Gasimov, the representative of Azerbaijan, among the 100 w/c
took the golden medal in the European Youth Judo tournament taking
place in Karen Demirchyan stadium, Yerevan. After the awarding ceremony
Gasimov, answering the questions of the press service of the Armenian
Judo Federation, mentioned that the "Yerevan Gold" is the first in his
career and he will never forget it. "This success is a result of hard
working and trainings during which I have sometimes even felt bad. I
am impressed and inspired. Now I have to get prepared for the World
Youth championship that will take place in France. There too I would
like to become a champion. Then I will take part in the championship
of the grown ups. Any sportsman dreams about Olympiad. It is the most
important thing", - mentioned the sportsman.

Of course Gasimov couldn't not to mention the conditions that the
Armenian side provided for the Azerbaijani delegation. "I didn't have
the opportunity to deal with the Armenian sportsmen here, but I can
say that the Armenians are very hospitable people. We didn't leave
the hotel, because we were concentrated on our trainings for having
excellent results. But the trainers came out and walked around the
city", - stated the newly recognized champion of Europe.

To the question, whether there would occur any problem, if there was
not signed any security guarantee between the Sport Ministries of
the two countries Gasimov answered, - "Now I think that there would
be no problem."