Sept 22 2009

"Armenia's President, and National Assembly Speaker and all the
Republicans hold a unified opinion on document: it comes from
Armenian-Turkish relations' establishment without preconditions," said
at today's conference Republican Party's Secretary Eduard Sharmazanov.

He noted that the Party has a definite opinion and position on
Armenian-Turkish protocols and they reflect national interests.

MP believes if in Turkey think on the same way then the success may
be expected, if no then it will take place an international pressure
on Turkey.

According to Mr. Sharmazov Parliamentary hearings on protocols will
allow the country's political parties to express their opinion. Besides
during the discussions RPA can more convincingly present their
positions, and, possibly, many opponents will change their minds.

Asked whether RPA can change its position Sharmazanov said "My
personal position - no, RPA has a definite position that indicated
in the program of Armenia's national security."

"All Armenian political forces will act in accordance of national
interests. On behalf of my opposition colleagues can say: our views
may differ, nonetheless, everything around this issue must be done
for Armenia's victory."

MP also didn't rule out that Turkeys' Parliament may not ratify
protocols or may stretch its ratification given dissatisfaction in
the country.

"If so, the Turkish side may face serious pressure because the
protocols are already initialed and Turkey has definitely consolidated
the moving forward without preconditions whether it is Genocide or
the issue of Karabakh," said Eduard Sharmazanov.