Interview by ARMAN GALOYAN

The power decided to give up its intention to make amendments to the
Law on Language. Nevertheless, the Law on General Education will be
amended, which involves the opening of foreign-language schools. We
talked about it with a deputy from the ARF, member of the Parliamentary
Commission for Education and Science Lilit Gasparyan.

Why did the power decide not to amend the Law on Language?

This reminds the search of a black cat in a dark room. I cannot
remember a case when hearings in the parliament were held without the
developed text of the law draft. This is the reason why I think that
the discussions were effective. ARF Dashnaktsutyun, from the beginning
refused the project, which was introduced before the parliament in
spring. We proposed to organize a second reading and convene a hearing.

The project, approved during the first reading did not become a topic
of discussion. Even the law draft, which has recently been discussed in
our commission, has not been discussed at hearings. The Minister orally
promised to withdraw the amendments to the Law on Language from the
bill. Various opinions were issued at hearings, and I do not know what
our commission will discuss at the next session. I cannot comment on
oral promises. Especially since I cannot imagine how the permission to
open foreign-language schools can dock with the Law on Language about
teaching the Armenian language. My attitude remains the same - no.

So, schools will nevertheless be opened?

Yes, and the power and the political majority, apparently, do not
refrain from their intention to open foreign-language schools because
they serve the interests of a concrete businessman who wants to
open a school in Armenia. The approach is evident - public education
sphere is seen as advantageous for investments. Each step of the power
refutes the previous step. I think they are on the way of deepening
their failures. They could at least think beforehand and introduce
before the parliament a normal document. All this is grounded by the
fact that the interests of a concrete businessman - Ruben Vardanyan
are served. Even Ashotyan admitted that the school already has its
website, so the plan is in force and the construction is not stopped
either. These hearings confused everything even more. I would respect
Ruben Vardanyan more if he made investments in the public school. I
think, at a certain point, he was promised help to open a school and
now they try to fulfill their promise at any cost.

From: A. Papazian