Turkey; Dink's assassination

Turkey's Interior Ministry has denied any responsibility in
Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink's assassination, claiming in a
failed appeal to the Council of State that paying compensation to the
man's family would lead to "unjustified enrichment", Radikal reported,
according to Mirror Spectator.

The 10th Istanbul Administrative Court ordered the Interior Ministry
on October 27, 2010, to pay 100,000 liras in damages to Hosrof and
Yervant Dink, Hrant Dink's two brothers, due to the gross dereliction
of duty allegedly committed by the ministry in Dink's assassination.

The court said the ministry had not prevented the murder and had
failed to protect Dink despite the fact that it was in possession of
sufficient evidence that there was a plot against the journalist's

The Interior Ministry then appealed to the Council of State to
not enforce the judgment. The Council of State, however, denied the
ministry's appeals. The Interior Ministry also said the lawsuit against
it should have been filed at a court of first instance, rather than
at an administrative court; it also referred to Dink's assassination
as a "nefarious attack" in its appeal to the Council of State.

According to Radikal, Dink was the editor of Agos and Turkey's
best-known Armenian voice abroad. He was shot in broad daylight as
he left his office in Istanbul's Shishli district in 2007.