08.30.2011 16:35

A week has passed since clothing and footwear shop "Milano" at 4
Abovyan St. in Yerevan was demolished, however, police have taken
no steps to rectify the situation and goods are being robbed from
beneath the rubble, according to the shop manager, Hovhannes Ghukasyan.

Demolition of the building - while there was still valuable goods
and furniture in the shop, says Ghukasyan - was completed on Aug. 22.

According to the shop manager, on Aug. 21, while the shop was
still standing, he had asked that demolition work be ceased since
the legality of the act had not yet been determined. Police and
construction workers, however, were told otherwise and carried out
the demolition.

Later, Ghukasyan and his attorney T. Hayrapetyan reportedly went to
the downtown police station, where they stayed till 3 am, to report
a crime. The investigator they spoke to promised to follow up with
them the next day; however, the next day, a Sunday, no one came -
worse, another attempt was made to demolish the building. At 7 am on
Monday, the building was razed to the ground. On Aug. 23, Ghukasyan
was called to the police station to give a testimony. According to
the store manager, he presented his losses (by way of a list of goods
and furniture), as well as the illegality of the demolition, but the
police only asked after the grounds of the goods and furniture he
acquired, according to a statement sent to the press by Ghukasyan.

Earlier, media reported that Ghukasyan's attorneys said that the state
simply "gave" Milano's basement, second floor and attic to developer
company AVO FMH which reportedly belongs to Syrian Armenian businessman
Avetis Karagulyan.

Supporters have launched a Facebook community page to report on
developments in this case.