Noyan Tapan
30.08.2011 | 12:20

(Noyan Tapan - 30.08.2011) Emergency Situation Ministry reported about
the fires on the nearby territory of the country for the nearest days.

Thus, on August 23, at the Tbilisi Highway No.33, near the radio
tower burnt 5000 square meters of grass area, near the "Argishti"
restaurant, around of "Vardavar" park 1000-squre-meter, in "Demir"
way of Aragatsotni region Ohanavan village 1ha, near the Aghdzq
village 10ha, in Kotayq region, Alapars village 7ha, on Yeghvard-New
Gegh highway's 2nd km 3 ha, Yeghvard country 2ha, on Yerevan-Sevan
highway's 34th km 10ha, Shirak region, Maralik country's 1 district
1ha. All the fires have been isolated and extinguished by rescuers.

It is also reported, that on August 29 at 11:36am, a call was resaved,
that a car was burning near the "Nairit-2" company of Yerevan. A
firefighting left the scene. As it was revealed, the car was burning in
"Meteksim" area of Ashtarak's highway. The fire was isolated at 11:45
and extinguished at 11:48. With 62 LA 813 state license "Vaz-2106"
model car's hall was burned.

At the same day, at 17:38am was resaved a call, that in Shirak regian's
Krnut village stored forage was burning (preliminary data is 9000
pack). A firefighting left the scene, than taking into consideration
the complexity of the fire, 2 more joined them. The fire was isolated
at 20:06.