Story from News:
Published: 17:32:45 - 30/08/2011

The information office of the president informed that Serzh Sargsyan
took part in the meeting of the MFA Central Staff with the heads
of Armenian diplomatic missions which kicked off today and will
continue tomorrow.

"I believe you all are concerned about Baku's next step and
expectations. Independent from Azerbaijan's non-constructive
behavior, Armenia will continue its efforts for a peace settlement
of the Karabakh issue in accordance with the principles of the UN
conventions," he noted. "Baku is not ready for peace," said the
president, adding, "Azerbaijan's behavior is unacceptable, and our
steps will be proportionate. Believe me, Armenia will not hesitate
to impose peace on the foe in case of a new military adventure."

In regard to Turkish-Armenian normalization halted by Turkey, the
president said, "We are, nevertheless, committed to the path and
position of normalization of Armenian and Turkish relations without