10:36:27 - 01/09/2011

The Haykakan Zhamanak Daily reports that evil tongues are disseminating
rumors that the half-built house near the Ministry of Defense in Nor
Nork Community of Yerevan belongs to the President of the Control
Chamber, Ishkhan Zakaryan. If rumors are true, the question occurs
how Ishkhan Zakaryan who acts as a corruption fighter from time to
time can afford to build a house like that.

The newspaper notes that Ishkhan Zakaryan's wife, the head of Yerevan
City Hall's Education Department, Gayane Soghomonyan, confirmed
yesterday they are building a big house in Nor Nork Community. In
answer to the question when they are going to finish the construction
of their house, Gayane Soghomonyan said she does not know. She also
said they have been building their house for already five or six
years. Ishkhan Zakaryan's wife refused to answer more questions and
ended the call. Though before hanging up she heard the next question,
"Ms. Soghomonyan, isn't it strange that a public official owns such
a house?"

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress