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14:48:55 - 01/09/2011

"I will try to find such a person, who will fulfill exceptionally
his duties and nothing else. The Traffic Police will be under my
personal control: the Chief of Traffic Police will have a different
status always in the uniform, always in service and will engage in
increasing the quality of the work of the traffic police", said on
September 1, the Chief of Police of Armenia Alik Sargsyan.

Interestingly, what has Alik Sargsyan been doing so far? Why has he
not appointed Chief of Traffic Police such a person who would really
be engaged in the modernization of the system? Assuming that Margar
Ohanyan did not appropriate gasoline neither commit any other abuse,
so what, he should have gone on holding the position of the Chief of
Traffic Police?

The Traffic Police of Armenia is one of the most retrograde
structures of the retrograde government of Armenia both in terms of
the psychology, thinking and work style. If Alik Sargsyan was so much
interested in the quality of the work, then he had to have sacked
the Chief of Traffic Police long ago.

Or maybe Alik Sargsyan has always wanted to discharge him but he had
no opportunity, so his arrest turned out a good chance. Anyway, he
has never expressed wish to get rid of Margar Ohanyan and to appoint
a more effective Chief. Or perhaps, the appointment and dismissal
of the Chief of Traffic Police is just a formal competence of Alik
Sargsyan, while in reality this question is solved in the Office of
the President, and now Alik Sargsyan will appoint Chief of Traffic
Police the person whom the office of the President will say to.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress