Aug 31 2011

YEREVAN. - Former President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan disagrees with
the opinion that Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) does not participate in
negotiation process. In his interview to Artsakh public television
Kocharyan stated that Karabakh has its say in the negotiations.

''Karabakh is not involved only in one part of the negotiations,
that of meetings between presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The
negotiation agenda is much broader and Karabakh fully participates in
talks with OSCE Minsk Group, while pPresident of Armenia represents
the interests of Karabakh at the meetings of presidents. For example,
under my administration, I exhaustively discussed and coordinated all
points with then President of Karabakh Arkady Ghukasyan," Kocharyan
said. "I have no doubt that Karabakh will fully participate in the
negotiations. How long it will take is hard to predict. You know,
at some point we were pretty close. One thing is clear - in modern
history all conflicts of the kind have been resolved in favor of
people's self-determination. All of them, without any exception."

According to ex-president, time is working in favor of Armenia.

"But do not think that after the recognition of Karabakh life will
change dramatically. We do not need someone's seal for the recognition
of our independence. We must live a full life, work and strengthen
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. All this will come, our turn will come as
well,'' he said.

Kocharyan noted that he follows the life of Artsakh and sees
significant progress from year to year.

"But today Artsakh faces such challenges that we have no right to say
that we are happy with the situation. The moment when we sit down and
say we are satisfied with the situation seems the most dangerous to
me," summed up Kocharyan.

From: A. Papazian