Aug 31 2011

YEREVAN. - Three inner yards of Yerevan downtown are engaged in
life-and-death war, said the Sustainable Human Development NGO
President Karine Danielyan in a briefing on Wednesday.

"The buildings stand too close. If they sniff out two-three meters
of free space in the yard, they build lay a new foundation multistory
building," said she.

Architect Gagik Sukhudyan stressed that Yerevan changed its
socio-economic structure, asthe city does not serve its residents.

"Our country is called Republic of Armenia, we do not call it Elite
Republic of Armenia. We have a thousand social issues to solve but we
paint the buildings. Yerevan faces grave issues of urban development,"
said the architect.

He argues that architects no longer decide on the architectural
style of the city, they merely implement the orders, just like a
tailor would.