21:57 31.08.11

A rights group is organizing a peaceful protest outside the government
building in Yerevan on Thursday against non-combat killings in
the army.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the group called The Army Without
Murderers, said that event will start at 11am.

The Vanadzor Office of the Helsinki Civil Assembly, in turn, called
on citizens concerned about such killings to attend the protest.

The protestors will join those Armenian mother whose sons have been
killed in non-combat circumstances in the army and who assembly outside
the government building every Thursday, demanding the authorities to
find out the perpetrators and hold them accountable.

It comes after an Armenian soldier was taken to a military hospital
in Karabakh in an unconscious state on August 26 and passed away later.

According to the official version, Aghasi Abrahamyan died from a wound
on the head that was inflicted due to a "careless movement". However,
his relatives claim he was beaten to death.

They pointed to cell-phone photos they took during the forensic
examination of the body. The photos displayed several bruises on
various parts of his body.

Non-combat killings in the Armenian army claim several lives each
year despite widespread condemnation of such acts.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress