, Armenia
Sept 3 2011

Mother of Armenian student claims her son was killed by brutal attack

September 03, 2011 | 18:44

MOSCOW. - On September 7 one year passes since the murder of Edward
Makaryan. Moscow police stated that the initiator of the fight had
been Mamedov, Azerbaijani by nationality. The police claims that the
fight took place near the school. Criminal case was closed.

A year later mother of Makaryan gave an interview to the Yerkramas
Armenian newspaper, claiming that her son was killed by the same
attack as Ivan Agafonov. However, Mamedov continued to beat him and
Makaryan died in a while.

Edward Makaryan was killed as a result of a special military attack,
even if the boy was quite healthy, he would have died anyway, the
newspaper reports.

Criminal case was closed against Mamedov. Medical forensic expertise
said that Edward Makaryan had chronic diseases which resulted in his
death. When the criminal case was closed, Alla Makaryan, student's
mother, sued for three cases. She was also informed that father of
Mamedov collected RUB 7 million ($240,125) to close the case. Alla
Makaryan will try to achieve in revealing the accused for the tragic