08:14 pm | September 05, 2011

A court in Tavush Marz today adjourned the hearing in the death case
of 30-year-old army officer Artak Nazaryan who died in the army in
July 2010.

Four servicemen were arrested in August 2010 in connection with the
suspicious death of the junior army officer. Military investigators
acknowledged that Lieutenant Artak Nazarian was ill-treated by at
least one fellow officer and soldiers of his unit stationed in the
northeastern Tavush region bordering Azerbaijan. They effectively
insisted, nonetheless, that he shot himself while on combat duty.

Artak's sister Tsovinar Nazaryan told A1+ that the sitting was
postponed as the four servicemen had not been transported to Yerevan
from Berd.

Therefore, the aggrieved party was again unable to motion for holding
the court sittings in Yerevan.

"The murder took place in Ijevan while the trial is held in a remote
town in Tavush Marz, in Berd. Every time we come hear to learn that
the trial has been adjourned," said Tsovinar Nazaryan adding that the
previous meeting was postponed due to the absence of the prosecutor.

The court has not set the date of the next hearing.

Nazaryan was found dead at an army outpost on July 27. Nazarian's
relatives say a forensic examination exposed numerous injuries to
his face, hands, shoulders and feet, makes them believe that they
were inflicted several hours before the shooting. Till today, they
believe that Artak was killed by other servicemen.

A statement by the Defense Ministry said a criminal investigation
into the incident waa being conducted under a Criminal Code article
that deals with "inducing suicides" through violence and humiliation.