08:08 pm | September 08, 2011


"The Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with the principles of
its policy on disarmament and the reduction of military expenditures,
condemns any step that will contribute to the arms race in the world
and militarization in the region."

This statement by official representative of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ramin Mehmanparast comes after
the official Ankara's recent announcement that NATO's anti-missile
defense systems will be placed in the eastern regions of southern

"We believe that the placement of NATO's anti-missile defense systems
in Turkey will not do anything to assist in regional stability and
even the security of the receiving country," the Iranian Foreign
Ministry representative said.

According to him, the reports at the ministry's disposal show that
the placement of the anti-missile defense systems in Turkey is the
continuation of the United States' suspicious plans, and the United
States has been making efforts to implement those plans in Eastern
Europe for a long time.

"Washington is currently presenting that plan under the umbrella of
NATO and is continuing the policy that it led during the years of
the Cold War," the official Tehran's representative announced.

"Iran believes that NATO's presence will lead to instability in the
region and will only contribute to the establishment of the West's
supremacy and its policy on colonialism," Mehmanparast continued,
expressing hope that the "friendly neighboring countries" will be
vigilant and won't support the implementation of the policy that will
lead to heavy consequences.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress