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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 09:43

On September 18, municipal elections took place in our Republic, as a
result of which community leaders and members of the Elders' Council
were elected in 209 communities. In the capital town of Stepanakert
and regional centers of Martuni, Martakert and Berdzor, elections of
community leaders and members of the Elders' Council took place; in
Askeran, Hadrut, and Shushi, only members of the Elders' Council were
elected; elections didn't take place in Karvachar. Municipal elections
are held in Artsakh for the fifth time. The first time, they were
held in our Republic in 1998 and later - three times every three years.

According to international standards, the level of the population's
participation in the elections was quite high - 60-65%.

As of 8:00 am in the September 18 morning, when the elections started,
the voters' lists included 93.102 citizens. For ensuring their right to
vote on a proper level, 251 election districts were formed. 48 election
districts are available just in the Kashatagh region. In this context,
Kashatagh exceeds the other regions of the Republic and its capital
(34). As required, at 8:00 in the morning, the election commissions'
chairs at all the election districts announced the start of the
elections, and the districts started receiving the voters.

In the morning, the country's authorities also fulfilled their civil
duty. President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakian and Prime
Minister Ara Harutyunian voted at election district 24 located at
Stepanakert school #5. That time, the elections were passing calmly
and without any haste in the noted district. According to commission
chairman Vanik Ghazarian, by 11:00 am, 100 of 1354 voters had already
voted. No violations or complaints were fixed.

The statesmen voted both as Stepanakert citizens and state leaders. In
his interview to journalists, President Bako Sahakian expressed his
satisfaction with the election culture developed in our Republic.

"We consider important any elections in our country, including
municipal elections. It is very pleasant that regular elections are
held in our Republic in a civilized manner, within the law and moral
standards", noted the President. According to the head of state, these
elections will be a step forward as a constituent of the election
processes and as a means of establishing the local self-government
system. "We try to have such community leaders who are able to fulfill
their duties in accordance with the communities' demands. And the
process, which is available in our life, I mean the election process,
lets us hope that we'll use the elections for electing such community
leaders who are able to research deeply the local problems and to
resolve them in the future. I think it is a continuous process and
we see progress from elections to elections", said Bako Sahakian.

Answering the question on the activity of the acting Mayor of
Stepanakert, President Sahakian said, "I had chances to evaluate the
Mayor's activity and I consider that for the recent years, the Mayor
and generally the Mayor's Office staff have succeeded in resolving
some issues of social significance for the population, in particular,
that of water supply. These years, natural disasters took place, the
consequences of which were shortly removed. Generally, I estimate that
activity as adequate. I think that the Stepanakert citizens also had
the chance to observe the works and give the corresponding evaluation".

Answering the question for which candidate the head of state had voted,
President Sahakian said, "I have voted for those who can fulfill
their duties after being elected, who are vested with knowledge and
experience. I am sure that they will carry out their duties on a
high level".