An international conference under heading "Crossroads of Psychology
and Law" will be held on 4-6 November in Yerevan.

According to, this international conference aims
to bring together scholars, practitioners and postgraduate students
from disciplines such as psychology, law, education, sociology and
other social sciences to initiate discussions on interconnections of
psychology and law.

Interrelations of psychology and law are apparent in contemporary
world. Psychologists contribute to legal process in all stages from
policy making to specific to implementation. This refers to every
area of psychology: forensic, legal, developmental and educational.

The topic invites presentations from different disciplines encouraging
discussions on current developments in law, psychology, sociology
and other social sciences.

This conference seeks to explore contemporary interdisciplinary
developments by encouraging greater communication among social
sciences. It will serve as a forum for scholars from a wide range of
disciplines such as psychology, law, sociology and other related social
sciences. It will not only serve as a platform to discuss traditional
areas of interrelations between psychology and law but will also
facilitate discussions on many of the recent developments in the field.

The objectives of the conference are: to foster collaboration among
psychologists and legal scholars in Armenia; to facilitate discussions
between scholars from abroad and Armenia; to explore deviant behavior
from the prospective of psychologists, lawyers and other related
scientists; to discuss the current implementation of developmental
and educational psychological knowledge into the legal system; to
emphasise the role of international collaboration and publications
in international peer reviewed journals; to help junior scholars and
post graduate students to understand the process of submitting papers
to international peer reviewed journals.

Materials of the conference will be published to help disseminate
outcomes to a wider academic audience.