Anna Balyan

29.09.2011 16:19

The Armenian National Security Council is working out a strategy to
prevent the activity of destructive sects in Armenia. For this purpose
it has set up an inter-departmental commission, which convened its
first sitting today chaired by Secretary of the National Security
Council Arthur Baghdasaryan.

Arthur Baghdasaryan noted that "ensuring religious security is one
of the priorities of the national security strategy." "It includes
the prevention of phenomena that jeopardize the religious-cultural
identity of the Armenian people and the moral values, creation of
conditions for the religious-cultural development of individuals and
the society at large, preservation of the national identity."

According to the Secretary of the National Security Council,
the strategy will in no way restrict the freedom of religion or
conscience, the fundamental freedoms of the man and the citizen and
will not demonstrate discrimination against any religious direction.

It will be aimed at preventing and restraining the destructive
movements and can be dangerous to the life of individuals, families,
the society and the democratic institutions, thus shattering the
bases of the state and the development of society.

In this context Arthur Baghdasaryan stressed the importance of
working out a strategy corresponding to European standards, noting
that European experts will participate in the process.

From: Baghdasarian