Karen Ghazaryan

29.09.2011 15:15

The sitting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the
European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement (EUR-OPA) kicked
off in Yerevan today. This is the first time the sitting is held in
the South Caucasus. The event has brought together representatives of
the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as experts from
CIS states. Representatives of Azerbaijan and Turkey were also invited
to participate in the sitting, but they did not accept the invitation.

Participants of the sitting discuss a broad range of issues related to
civil defense, reduction of major hazard risks, climate changes. The
Armenian side attaches importance to our country's participation in
international initiatives.

The European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement was set up in
1987, Armenia joined it in 1993. "Armenia is situated in a seismically
active zone, therefore we must always be ready," Minister of Emergency
Situations Armen Yeritsyan told "Radiolur."

There are no big and small countries during disasters, the Minister
said, adding that "Armenia can be as useful to other countries,
as they can be useful to Armenia."

According to the Assessment of the Executive Secretary of the European
and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement Eladio Fernandez-Galiano,
Armenia is situated in a region, where almost all kinds of disaster
happen. That is why the country has gained great experience in risk
assessment and fighting natural disasters. He added that "Armenia's
experience could be useful to other countries."