13:29:07 - 29/09/2011

Ashot Manucharyan, a former member of the Karabakh Committee, said
in a news conference that the West openly supported the president
of Armenia.

"The West stated unambiguously that they have geopolitical interests
and are ready to renege on some of their principles declared earlier.

One shouldn't be offended by the West. The world has always been a
predator, even ready to support a robbing system," Manucharyan said.

As to Russia, Manucharyan notes that the change is a new issue for
the world and for Armenia. Everyone who has been working on Putin's
legend is now trying to benefit from it.

Manucharyan thinks the main issue is what Putin is going to be, part
of the predator world or an expression of newborn Russia. "There is
only one law in the predator world, interests only," he says.

From: Baghdasarian