This year's poor wheat harvest in the mountainous areas and foothills
was due to the high-quality seeds that did not meet our expectations,
says Lyova Khachatryan, a lawmaker of the Prosperous Armenia party.

The MP, who permanently voices the rural population's problems in
parliament, considers the plan to be absolutely of no use.

"That's just a business guaranteeing 200% profitability; but the seed
is good for nothing. They villagers had absolutely no yield of wheat,
and reaped a crop of grass," he told

According to him, the Agriculture Ministry's allegations about the
drought are nothing but a childish conversation.

"In two land lots next to each other, we had both the old and the new
wheat seeds planted. But the drought, for some reason did not affect
the old seeds, damaging only the new. They have to give explanations
about those high-quality seeds. Apparently, they either fell short
of the required high quality standard or were unfit for the area,"
he said, considering the measure an attempt to turn a villager into
a consumer.

Khachatryan noted that the existing situation forces the people in
villages to enter into deals.

"They do not even have seeds," he said, promising to raise the problem
at the National Assembly, as he usually does. But Khachatryan did not
seem to have great expectations of that. "What's the use of that? We
haven't got any response. I raised a couple of problems last time at
agricultural hearings, calling for the Ministry's control over the
exported seeds, fertilizers and the consumption prices. But that cut
no ice," he added.

As for this year's rich harvest, Khachatryan considered that
problematic too, noting more is the agricultural produce the less is
the villager's income.

"We had lots of peaches and apricots this year, which caused problems.

They are either not accepted or accepted at low prices. The grape
yield is also good. For us, it is not normal. Less harvest is possible
to realize at a high price, but when it is rich, it is not to be sold
even for a cheap price. Export too, is not naturally realized properly,
with high quality fruit falling on the ground," he said.

As a measure to overcome the problem, the MP proposed distilling
vodka from fruits.

From: Baghdasarian