Thursday, August 30, 18:28

By today's decision of the National Security Service of Armenia,
an Armenian family from Syria, who have been in the secure zone of
Zvartnots Airport for several days, have been deported to Turkey,
wherefrom they came to Armenia.

The mass media disseminated the open letter of Mesrop Hendyan, a
resident of Germany, whose family became the victim of bureaucratic
hurdles at Zvartnots Airport.

In his letter Hendyan expresses his bewilderment at the fact that
his mother and two sisters with their kids were forced to stay at
the airport of Yerevan for over 40 hours. "My sisters, though they
are Armenians, and my mother, who has been an Armenian's wife for 40
years, have not been granted visas. The Armenian Embassy in Damascus
made a special call and sent a letter to confirm that these people
belong to the Armenian community of Syria and that they are Armenians.

My father - Jean Hendyan and my mother - Laila Miro - are large
sponsors of the Armenian community of Syria, they annually sponsor
more than 10 Armenian students and cover their costs", he says. Mesrob
Hendyan lives in Germany and every year he takes part in fundraising
of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and transfers a large amount of
money to the Fund.

"My full sisters, who have 5 children, the eldest being 8 years old
and the youngest - 9 months old, are among the Armenian captives of
the airport. They have been in the transit zone for 50 hours. They
are sitting on the benches without any food or water, and they are
cold because of the air conditioners", he says in his letter.

Hendyan also points out that his family came from Istanbul to Yerevan
without any problems, and the problem arose in Yerevan. "They came
from Turkey, not Aleppo, because Aleppo faces a horrible situation
now, and to keep the children out of danger, they wanted to get to
Armenia via Turkey, and the dishonest Armenians send them back, to the
Turks. Even knowing that they were Armenians, the Turks treated them
in a more human way than the citizens of Armenia", he says. While
Hendyan was writing these words, he was told from the airport that
air tickets to Istanbul had already been bought for his relatives. He
says that for the first time he sees that people give money (1400 EUR)
for deportation.

For his part, Head of the Press Center of the National Security Service
of Armenia Artsvin Baghramyan said that the specified persons were
Assyrians by nationality and were trying to cross the state border
of Armenia without the relevant documents and permissions.

Baghramyan pointed out that they were going to use the territory of
Armenia as a transit zone and to get to the third country with the
support of illegal migration organizer. He stressed that before the
arrival to Armenia, their attempt to get to Europe from Istanbul
failed. By the Yerevan-Istanbul flight the specified citizens of
Syria were forced to return to the country, wherefrom they had come
to Armenia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress