30 August, 2012

YEREVAN, AUGUST 30, ARMENPRESS: The crime of Ramil Safarov committed
against Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan was the official order
of Baku. During the press conference on August 30representative
of interest of Gurgen Margaryan's family in Budapest Nazeli
Vardanyan informed that during the whole case Azerbaijan had a
direct participation. "At the sessions took part representatives of
Azerbaijani, Turkish embassies which were interested and did their
best in order Safarov exempt form punishment or get more lenient one"
mentioned the lawyer as Armenpress reports. She reminded that Human
Rights Defender of Azerbaijan Suleymanova had said that Safarov is a
best example for the youth, Aliyev mentions that Armenians should be
killed in Artsakh and all these prove that Azerbaijan with its society
make the murderer hero. Eight years have passed and the lawyer becomes
surer that it was a state order.

Speaking about rumors that Safarov can be extradited to Azerbaijan
Vardanyan mentioned that it is not spoken about extradition as to
extradition are subjected wanted people.

She assured that the extradition of a murderer who is considered
to be hero in his homeland is unacceptable. Armenian authorities
must continue the struggle and should not let Safarov to be given
to Azerbaijan as he will escape punishment: even lawyer of Safarov
declares that killing an Armenian in Azerbaijan is not a crime.

Larisa Alaverdyan stressed that Azerbaijan has never recognized in
any level that it was a crime. Azerbaijan is also responsible for
that crime. "There is not yet official information whether Azerbaijan
officially applied to Hungary with that issue. Armenian state bodies
should apply to Hungarian side to find out whether such process
has begun or not. Almost 80 non-governmental organizations joined
signature gathering process demanding to exclude Ramil Safarov's
extradition from Hungary" informed Alaverdyan.

On February 19 of 2004 in Budapest Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov
killed with an ax Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan when the latter
was sleeping. The two officers were taking part in the capital of
Hungary in English language courses in framework of NATO program.

Hungarian court sentenced Ramil Safarov to life imprisonment.