Trend, Azerbaijan
Aug 31 2012

Order of President Ilham Aliyev to pardon Ramil Safarov is a triumph
of determination, courage and justice, Deputy Chairman and Executive
Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmedov told the
party's official website. "I believe that the people of Azerbaijan
hold that view," Ahmedov said.

Congratulating relatives of Safarov, Ali Akhmedov noted that the
release of Ramil Safarov will herald the liberation of Karabakh,
because the fates of Karabakh and Safarov have similar features.

"Both Karabakh, and Ramil became victims of saboteurs. The first
is occupied by the enemy, while the other for so many years was
imprisoned. Ramil was released, next is the liberation of Karabakh.

Please God, day will come, when President, Supreme Commander Ilham
Aliyev announces the liberation of Karabakh. All believe and wait for
it. One injustice has been relegated to history, the other, I believe,
will also be eliminated," Ahmedov said.

He said that, of course, Safarov going at large is the result of the
peaceful policy of Azerbaijan, enhancing respect for Azerbaijan and
its standing in the international arena.

"Azerbaijani people and the state are known worldwide for their love
of peace, they treat with respect all peoples, religions and cultures.

In world history no cases of Azerbaijan's violence, injustice against
any country have been recorded. Azerbaijan has the right to expect
from the other the same treatment and is very glad that Hungary was
able to assess all of this," Ahmedov said.

Citing the words of national leader Heydar Aliyev "When there is mind
- no need to use force", Ali Ahmedov regarded Safarov's release as
a result of this mind and wisdom.

"This is the result of the wisdom of President of Azerbaijan Ilham
Aliyev," he stressed.

Azerbaijan, of course, has the strength and those who have occupied
Karabakh over 20 years are well aware of this, Ahmedov said.

"We have both mind and strength. I want to sincerely say "Go ahead,
Azerbaijan! Let your flag stand," he said.

Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov, who was convicted in Hungary,
returned on Friday to Azerbaijan. Today, under the order of the head
of state, he was pardoned.

Ramil Safarov was born on August 25, 1977 in Jabrail region of
Azerbaijan. Safarov, 34, who participated in NATO exercises in 2004 in
Hungary, was charged with the murder of the Armenian officer Gurgen
Margaryan, who insulted the Azerbaijani flag. By the verdict of the
Budapest court, Safarov was sentenced to life imprisonment without
the right of pardon during 30 years.