More than 70 NGOs and people around the world have joined this appeal,
Executive Director of the social organization "Fund against legal
tyranny", the first Ombudsman of Armenia Larisa Alaverdyan told
journalists today.

In 2004, in Budapest the Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov brutally
hacked to death the officer of the Armed Forces of Armenia Gurgen
Margaryan while the latter was asleep. Both of the officers were
in Hungary taking English courses within the NATO "Partnership for
Peace" program. After that Safarov took analogous attempt of murder
also the second Armenian officer, which, however, was prevented.

According to Larisa Alaverdyan, today the possibility of extradition
is above the average. "It's a long process, but the messages that we
recently receive, give me reason to assess the probability above the
average. We need to be more careful and organized," said L.

"We wish to remind Hungary that Safarov is a recidivist, he is a
threat to society, even in prison he tried to kill a man, and his
mental abilities are assessed below the average. Therefore, I wish
to warn them that there was no need to review the level of confidence
in their justice at the highest level', said L. Alaverdian.

Lawyer Nazeli Vardanyan, who defends interests of Gurgen Margaryan's
family, noted that during the quadrennial court process she came to
the conclusion that Safarov carried out the order of the government.

"Azerbaijan's attempts to set him free did not come to an end with the
court decision, and if, before the verdict, there were appeals to kill
the Armenians, then after that the anti-Armenian hysteria calmed down,
they realized they would be punished for it, nevertheless after that
Azerbaijan did not miss a single opportunity to raise the question
of Safarov's extradition," said N. Vardanyan.

Larisa Alaverdyan informed that they are studying the possibility
of charging Azerbaijan as an accessory to the crime. "During this
time, Azerbaijan didn't acknowledge Safarov as a criminal, moreover
it considered him a hero. In case if he gets the extradition, we are
sure, he will not serve his sentence and will become a hero," she said.

The lawyer also stated that in case of extradition Armenian side
will not be able to carry out anything as far as it is a matter of
bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary.

"The authorities should continue the struggle, undertake all necessary
measures in order to avoid Safarov's extradition to Azerbaijan. We
all know that there he will escape the liability. In 2005, he was even
recognized the Man of the Year in Azerbaijan, which undoubtedly, had
an influence over the tough decision of Hungarian court. Hungary should
take all those circumstances into account," said Larisa Alaverdyan.

According to lawyer N. Vardanyan, the Justice Ministry, the office
of the Ombudsman and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia have
a lot of work to do.