Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden
Stockholm, 31 August 2012
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Azerbaijani President Pardons a Murderer

Stockholm - News were published today that the Azerbaijani murderer, Ramil
Safarov, had fully been pardoned by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

It was during 2004 that the Azerbaijani Lieutenant Safarov (b. 1977) was
in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, to participate in a three month
English-course, organized by NATO within the framework of the "Partnership
for Peace" Program. The program was also attended by the Armenian
Lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan (b. 1978). Safarov killed Margaryan with an
axe while Margaryan was asleep. A Hungarian police officer testified at
the trial that the murder had taken place "with unusual cruelty" and in
addition to several stab wounds in his chest, victim's head was almost
detached from the body. In 2006 the Hungarian court sentenced Safarov to
life in prison without the right to pardon for 30 years.

Suddeny, yesterday on August 30, 2012, pictures of Safarov arriving at
Baku surfaced, where he was welcomed as a hero. Today, on August 31, news
were received that the President of Azerbaijan, Aliyev, has fully pardoned
Safarov. What Baku has done is nothing short of sanctioning the murdering
of Armenians. Justice seems to have completely collapsed in Hungary too,
where it has disregarded its own laws, handing over a brutal murderer to a
country without any guarantees what so ever that the offender will serve
the remainder of his sentence, or at least not be received as a hero and
pardoned on arrival. This should not happen in the 21st century Europe.

The Union of Armenian Associations in Sweden strongly condemns this
distasteful act of the President of Azerbaijan, which not only clearly
marks the regime's extremely hostile attitude towards Armenia and
Armenians, but is an obvious mockery towards justice. In doing so, the
regime in Azerbaijan has unveiled its hatred and hostility towards
Armenians to new heights while giving the appearance of perusing a
peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict and coexistence with their
Armenian neighbors.

A protest letter will also be sent to Hungary Embassy in Stockholm.


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