Now, it has been known: upon his return to Baku on Friday 31st August
2012, Ramil Sahib Safarov, the murderer who hacked to death a fellow
Armenian officer - Gourguen Margaryan - on 19th February 2004, while
he was asleep, has been declared a free man and a national hero by
the Azeri President Ilham Aliyev .

Safarov was greeted in Baku by his fellow compatriots, given the
keys to a new apartment and a new car, praised, hugged and kissed,
was promoted to the rank of major, his back pay for the last 8 years
while he was in jail in Hungary refunded to him and the Azeri flag
was wrapped around his shoulders, honouring him with the ultimate
national accolade.

The international community and its various organisations protested
loudly and robustly against such unjust and vile action; debates,
meetings and demonstrations took place, petitions were gathered and
presented to various parliaments and governments and lengthy articles
were published in many newspapers: the world at large condemned
President Aliyev, while his people applauded that despicable action
and the Azeri youth realised and appreciated with great enthusiasm
the tolerance shown by its government.

A unique precedent was created where one can kill and be praised and
rewarded in Azerbaijan.

President Ilham Aliyev became the PARTNER IN THIS CRIME with the
hope that his people would - at last- praise and love him. The early
signs proved this to be true and the Azeris and their President -
in unison - declared once again and publicly their hatred towards
the Armenians during rallies, meetings and celebrations!

How scared, worried and terrified must our Armenian compatriots, still
living in Azerbaijan , be now for their lives and their families! And
very rightly too.

But that mad euphoria lasted only few days: the Azeri President and
the Azeri people realised suddenly that by their actions they had
sent a powerful signal to the world :

Co-Chairs of the OSCE, Minsk Group and the many mediators who try
to solve peacefully the Karabagh issue will never again venture to
suggest that Karabagh must return to Azeri rule - no matter with what
degree of autonomy , no matter under what circumstances , no matter
when and no matter how. NEVER.

And that is good. That is what the Azeri President Aliyev and its
people have given us, the Armenian people, now. Against their will
and against their own judgement, by glorifying and legalising crime.

Since the 31st August, many government officials in the West are
rushing to Armenia to lobby and convince the Armenian Authorities to
remain calm, to not retaliate, to restrain from any violence and TO
NOT ROCK THE BOAT ! Because the Azeri Oil, flowing towards the West,
must be kept safe at all costs. At all costs !

Each drop of Gourguen Margaryan's blood is being sold - publicly -
for one minute drop of Azeri oil.

Of all the thousands Armenians who have fallen during the Karabagh
War and have given their lives to keep Karabagh free and Armenian,
it is Lt Gourguen Margaryan's death that has contributed the most
to this success and the tragic irony is that he did not fall on the
battleground but was hacked to death in his sleep by a coward and
a murderer.

Three days ago I watched on Armenian TV the return of the Armenian
Chess Champions to Armenia from Turkey where - of all the places
in this world - they had played in an International Chess( the
Intellectual and Civilised Game ), tournament, had defeated all their
opponents, had won with honours and had been declared Champion Chess
Players of the world. In Armenia the young Armenian Chess Champions
were greeted with gifts and praise , the Armenian flag was wrapped
on their shoulders , they were awarded Medals and Honours and were
welcomed as Armenian National Heroes for having won the Game.

In Azerbaijan the young Azeri murderer Ramil Sahib Safarov was greeted
with gifts and praises, the Azeri flag wrapped round his shoulders
and was welcomed as an Azeri National Hero for having killed a man.

What a difference in two cultures.

Although no argument will ever succeed to influence the West -
west is so dependent on Azeri oil - to take into consideration
that huge difference in the two cultures ( Armenian and Azeri )
but at least now, Western Countries will refrain from advocating the
establishment of "Azeri rule " in Karabagh, for that will make them,
publicly, Partners-in-crime ( like the Azeri President Ilham Aliyev)
with the murderer and his horrific crime , will appear to be the seal
of approval for the mass murder of Armenians in Karabagh and will
show the world that the Armenians of Karabagh have been used as the
sacrificial lamb immolated on the altar of these countries ambitions,
aspirations and interests.