Armenians know Jordan sacred land for Christians
September 22, 2012 | 22:54

AMMAN. - Members of the Armenian delegation ended the tour in Jordan,
stating they will be back again but this time with their families for
a private visit, Jordanian news agency Petra reports. `I visit Jordan
for the second time but this is my first visit to the place of
baptism,' Armenian deputy FM Sergey Manasaryan said adding it is
difficult for him to describe what he feels when being in that
spiritual place. `I will try to come back again with my family.'
According to him, it is very important that young Armenians know more
about roots of Christianity, while the religious place is an ideal
site for that goal. Besides, the Armenians know that Jordan is a
sacred land for the Christians, however, touristic flows between Amman
and Yerevan are still on low level.