New statues of great Armenians to be erected in Yerevan
13:49 - 29.09.12

Yerevan is going to be home to more statues of great Armenians.

Sculptures featuring the renowned 20th century poet, Paruyr Sevak, the
legendary Armenian chess player Tigran Petrosyan and five other great
people are going to be erected in the capital city soon.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, the author of the statues, Suren
Melkonyan, did not disclose the names of the other characters, saying
only they all will be sitting on benches. One of them, according to
him, is a hero of a popular film.

Melkonyan, who had earlier created the statue of the popular
Soviet-Armenian actor, Mher Mher Lazarian, said he does not think
that damages to the statue were caused deliberately.

`I happened through negligence,' he said, `[People] take photos, talk
and hug each other, so they damaged it negligently, thinking that it
is bronze.'

A bronze barrel, which was an attribute of the statue, was broken on
Thursday by an unknown individual. The sculpture was later taken to
the studio for repair.

The author has now revised certain sketches, to make the sculpture more solid.

From: Baghdasarian