Jailed Georgian-Armenian concerned over Saakashvili's re-election chances

13:05 - 29.09.12

The Turks' penetration into Georgia could gain a new momentum in case
President Mikheil Saakashvili is re-elected to office, says Vahagn
Chakhalyan, a Javakhk-Armenian activist who now serves time in prison.

In a written address, the activist warns Javakhk- Armenians against
electing the incumbent president.

`Saakashvili's remaining in office implies increased illegal
detentions and property seizures; the Georgian-Armenian inmates will
remain in prison and attacks against the Armenian schools will
continue, with Armenian teachers and [public] servants facing layoffs
and the Armenian churches closing down,' he says.

The activist calls upon the Javakhk-Armenian voters not to yield to
the pressures and threats while casting their votes and guide
themselves only by clear conscience and beliefs, realizing the
interests of their native region.