School N3 of Stepanakert Lacks For Textbooks

Friday, 28 September 2012 19:48

The secondary comprehensive school N3 of Stepanakert with advanced
study of Russian has recently been renamed after Russian writer A.
Griboyedov. According to newly-appointed Minister of Science and
Education Slava Asryan there is a special order of naming a school.

`The school's teaching staff had adopted a decision and presented it
to the city council. During the councilors' session convened in August
the decision was discussed and confirmed. School N3 had previously
been named after A. Griboyedov, thus, probably, the teaching staff
found it suitable again to rename the school after the Armenian
nation's friend Griboyedov,' S. Asryan noted in his interview to

It is about five years advanced Russian has been studied in school N3
which has 369 learners at present.

According to head of the department of science and education at the
Ministry of Science and Education Raya Mousayelian children's
admission to School N3 is realized on a special order.

`The child is admitted to the school if one of the parents has RF
citizenship or is a foreign citizen or the family has moved to Artsakh
from the RF. Besides, the children of the families that frequently
visit the RF aimed at continuing higher military education or getting
medical treatment in the RF are also admitted to the school in case of
presenting a corresponding document,' R. Mousayelyan informed.

School N3, one of the repaired buildings of which has recently been
put in commission, has all the necessary conditions for organizing the
teaching process, the lack of textbooks, however, is the only problem.
According to the minister this issue has not been settled yet though
during the latest years the school was provided with some textbooks.

`The Armenian union of Stavropol helped to obtain textbooks of the
Russian language, last year in Armenia the Algebra textbooks were
translated into Russian. Some subjects are studied with the former
textbooks making them suitable to the present-day curriculum,' the
minister explained.