The situation in Armenian populated districts of Damascus and Aleppo is calm

12:17, 29 September, 2012

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 29, ARMENPRESS: The clashes in several Aleppo
districts are ongoing, yet the situation in Armenian populated and
Christian districts was calmer on September 28 mid-day and 29
morning. As Aleppo National Primacy press secretary Jirayr Reisyan
told Armenpress intense shootings and shelling was orchestrated in
adjacent districts of Armenian populated New Village on September

In the words of the press secretary the shooting occurred in the
nearby territory of Cilician ( Giligian) Armenian School in Aleppo had
damaged its wall. The material losses are small and School
administration will repair it. Damascus Armenians inform the situation
in the capital center is calm and stable, the clashes are mainly
hosted in the outskirts. In their words the rebels has suffered much
losses there.

Syrian SANA agency informs dozens of rebels were killed as a result
of the clashes held in nearby territories of Aleppo Kallasa vegetable
market and Jamal mosque.18 months ongoing clashes in Syria resulted
in the death of 30 thousand people, more than two dozens Armenians

From: Baghdasarian