The Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Expresses Its `Unreserved Support'
for Vartan Oskanian

September 28, 2012 19:12

`The Prosperous Armenia Party expresses its unreserved support for its
member and is ready to achieve the restoration of justice by all
lawful means possible,' the statement of the Prosperous Armenia Party
political council, which will be presented to MPs on Monday, reads.

Let us remind that the parliament will discuss the Armenian Attorney
General's application to involve PAP member Vartan Oskanian in the
Civilitas Foundation case as an accused on that day.

`The Prosperous Armenia Party thinks that the Armenian Attorney
General's application to the National Assembly to give consent to
involving National Assembly member Vartan Oskanian as an accused is
political persecution, which is against not only Vartan Oskanian, but
also the Prosperous Armenia Party. The accusations included in the
application are groundless and lack any legal justification. On
Monday, when this issue will be discussed, the Prosperous Armenia
Party will present a package of documents, which will explain the

groundlessness of the accusations of the Attorney General's Office, to
all MPs. The Prosperous Armenia Party strongly condemns the use of
such methods in political issues,' the statement reads.