They Are Not Goats, They Are Predators
September 28, 2012 13:09

The society's skepticism toward the latest steps taken by the
President is natural - why now and not, say, 2-3 years ago? Really
why? I am asking that question too and the representatives of the
government don't give me an honest answer, `We are not doing it only
now, we have always done it everywhere' etc. In reality, we saw the
cases of Hovhannes Tamamyan and Margar Ohanyan in the past -
admittedly, it is very positive that they are in prison, but tens of
high-ranking officials like them continue to serve in the police. This
time, however, the approach seems to be more systemic.

Certainly, all that should have been started in 2008. However, taking
into account the situation in Armenia after the events of March 1 -
tensions were not only political, but also social. In order to change
that situation, one needed roughly three years, although I think one
could have acted more quickly here too. Then came the parliamentary
election. Regardless of how it was held, the result was rather optimal
from the state perspective - the government, maintaining its position,
gained moderate oppositionists represented by the Prosperous Armenia
Party (PAP) and radical oppositionists represented by the Armenian
National Congress (ANC) at the official, parliamentary level. The
sharper the questions are, the better, the more vigilant officials
will be. By the way, the governor of Kotayk shouldn't be surprised or
angry - he is entrusted with the money of the budget, the taxpayers
and he must personally report to the parliament on every penny of
those sums; this is one of the principles of a democratic state.

At the end of the day, it is about the very people's money - those
sums are collected from us to serve us. In reality, they often serve
dissolute, impudent officials. They are not poor as it is - they have
their share in different businesses and one will have to deal with
that fact in the future. However, they are not satisfied with the
businesses and want to have a finger in the budget too. It is logical
that after the general talk with the Cabinet, the President started
with the army - the generals who steal from the soldiers standing on
our borders must be condemned to many years in prison. Construction is
as important - businessmen claim that there is NO construction ordered
by the state, for which the ministry or the regional government
doesn't demand a 10% kickback. The Ministry of Healthcare is a
similar `business' - according to the Minister of Finance, the price
of one purchase may vary by one billion AMD, so it is understandable
that thousands of socially unprotected people are deprived of medical

I am convinced that there will be new dismissals and arrests. Perhaps
the `victims' of those will be called `scapegoats.' But one shouldn't
compare corrupted officials with those harmless animals. They are not
goats, they are real predators.