Aravot: Russia clarifies list of `its own folk'?

11:07 - 29.09.12

The Russian ambassador to Armenia has started meetings with the
leaders of pro-Russian political forces in an attempt to know more
about their moods, the paper has learned.

Citing its sources, it says that his recent meeting was with Ruben
Tovmasyan, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Armeni. A key
topic at the discussion was reportedly Russia's role in ensuring the
security of Armenia and the Armenian people. According to the paper,
Tovmassyan reaffirmed his party's approach to the Russian military
bases in Armenia, considering the conduct of the Collective Security
Treaty Organization's training a very serious event in that context.
The sides also spoke of the Russian schools in Armenia and the
possibilities of raising the level of the Russian language teaching,
says the paper, adding that the Communist leader reiterated his
approaches to Nato, the United State and the European Union and
condemned the Hungarian-Azerbaijani deal over the return and pardoning
of the Azerbaijani axe-killer, Ramil Safarov. Tovmasyan told the
ambassador about a letter from the Hungarian Communists, expressing
criticism of Prime Minister Victor Orban's move, adds the paper.