On the 30th August of 2013 the 1st Deputy Minister of Defence of the
Republic of Armenia Davit Tonoyan met with the Head of ICRC Delegation
to Armenia Lorenzo CaraffI. Mr. Tonoyan informed his interlocutor that
faithful to international commitments of RA and exhibiting devotion
to Human Rights and human values, as well as taking into account
unambiguous position of a former Azerbaijani citizen was transferred
by a relevant international organization to the 3rd country which
has granted him with refugee status.

Armenian 1st Deputy Minister of Defence asked ICRC to inform the
parents and kinsmen of current refugee that he has been successfully
transferred to safe, secure, prosperous and democratic state, where
nothing threatens his life.

Background info.

It is necessary to remind that owing to being exposed to inhumane
oppressions and torments, the Firuz Farajev had fled and crossed
Armenian border in July 2012, where International humanitarian
organizations have had unhindered meetings with him. Decision on
transfer to the 3rd country was made based on a free expression of
his will, exploration of factual findings and an explicit notion of
morals and manners in place in Azerbaijan and hence - harsh destiny
awaiting Azerbaijani POWs upon return.

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