14:27 03.09.13

The protests against illegal actions are evidence of anarchy in the
country, Armenia's ex-Ombudsman Larisa Alaverdyan told journalists
on Tuesday.

"What measures are the authorities taking against the offenders that
have been fined or warned, but they continued their actions to the
end? This is the evidence of anarchy and impotence of the authorities,"
she said.

With respect to the women that gathered in front of the Covered
Market and called Samvel Alexanyan "a benefactor," Alaverdyan noted
that they were brought with a view to "far reaching designs."

Sukias Avetisyan, a Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) parliamentary
group member, said he was glad about the renovation of Yerevan's
Covered Market because people will be employed at a market "with
new foundations."

"As regards its cultural and historical value, its appearance will
be preserved, which will enable people to work in better conditions,"
he said.

Avetisyan is glad about civil society's activity. However, their
behavior shows the "client's style."

"I want civil society to be active, but without claiming they are
architects," he said.

In response, Alaverdyan said that "civil society does not have to be
an architect. I must know laws and defend them."

From: Baghdasarian