U.S. delegation left hungry due to meeting opposition in Nakhichevan

23:27 26/09/2013 REGION

"Vasif Talybov kept American diplomat hungry and disgraced the famous
Caucasian hospitality," the Azerbaijani portal "Minval" reads.

As the portal reports citing "Musavat.com" lawyer Derek Hogan who is
temporarily authorized in affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan
faced a shocking incident during a visit to Nakhchivan Autonomous
Republic of Azerbaijan. Note that Vassif Talybov is the head of this

The delegation headed by Derek Hogan had arrived a few days ago, in
order to find out the pre-election atmosphere in Nakhichevan. He met
with several representatives of local organizations, including -
representatives of the opposition party "Musavat" and Popular Front
Party of Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that in the framework of the
visit meeting with members of the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan" was
scheduled, the latter didn't come to the meeting.

After the meeting with the local activists Derek Hogan and his
entourage wanted to have lunch and went to restaurant, "Soyudlu" where
the dinner was reserved beforehand since the morning and was agreed
with the administration of the restaurant. U.S. Embassy
representatives were shocked when they received a refusal and were
told that there was no food. At the same time, other visitors of the
restaurant were eating and drinking.

Local activists accompanying the U.S. delegation ordered tea for
face-saving. But in response to the request received a sacramental
phrase: "We have no gas, no water, and even if we had all of this
there would be no waiter here who would serve you."
"Thus, the embassy representatives and persons accompanying them left
Nakhichevan, not having had dinner," the article reads.

Source: Panorama.am

From: Baghdasarian