Hakob Injighulyan is currently in Romania

by Nana Martirosyan

Monday, September 1, 16:24

Armenian prisoner of war Hakob Injighulyan is in Romania at the
moment, Hakob's brother Harutyun Injighulyan told Pastinfo. Harutyun
says that Hakob Injighulyan's parents have already contacted Hakob on
Skype for several times but were not able to see him due to the lack
of a camera. Harutyun also says that Hakob wants to return to Armenia
but it is unknown yet what agreements will be reached with the host

To recall, Hakob Injighulyan lost his bearings on the terrain and
found himself on the territory controlled by the Azeri Armed Forces on
8 August 2013. Baku claims that Injighulyan has been transferred to
the third country on the basis of his will. It was previously reported
that the ICRC was informed of the transfer of Injighulyan on August
26. The ICRC delegates visited Injighulyan before the transfer.