One year on: The terms of Armenia's accession to EEU still unclear

15:17 02.09.2014

Lena Badeyan
Public Radio of Armenia

A year after Armenia declared plans to join the Customs Union of
Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the terms of Armenia's accession are
still unclear, although some concrete dates have been mentioned on
several occasions. A few days ago Kazakhstan's President Nursultan
Nazarbayev said the issue will be solved at consultations in Minsk
scheduled for October 10.

Chairman of the Armenian National Assembly's Standing Committee on
Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs Gagik Minasyan predicts that
all CIS countries will finally join the Eurasian Economic Union. "This
is an additional security guarantee," he says.

Gagik Minasyan says no customs checkpoint will be built between
Armenia and Karabakh, and there will be no changes in the relations
between the two after Armenia's accession to the Eurasian Economic

The MP says the name of the structure corresponds to its essence, i.e.
the Union will not solve political issues. His confidence further
reinforced after Kazakh President's recent statement that his country
could quit EEU membership should it threaten Kazakhstan's

Gagik Minasyan tries to find something positive in every negative
phenomenon. Thus, he sees the sanctions against Russia as another
opportunity for our businessmen.

"This opens new perspectives, because the Russian market provides good
opportunities for the export of our products. There are reports about
the rise of prices of the goods imported to Russia, and this is
another incentive for us to enjoy favorable conditions for the export
of goods to the Russian Federation by adopting a correct pricing

From: A. Papazian