Regnum News Agency
Jan 17 2008

Today, on January 17, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev went to
the front-line area and participated in opening ceremony of Geydar
Aliyev Museum and the Olympic Center in the village of Guzanly. As
the presidential press office informs, Ilham Aliyev also had a meeting
with local residents. During the meeting, he made several statements
on settling the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno Karabakh.

Particularly, while speaking to the local residents, Aliyev announced
that the war with Armenia was not over, Az.TV state television
informs. He added that "Armenia did not won the war; it was just the
first stage of the war completed." Aliyev noted that "Nagorno Karabakh
will never be independent; the position is backed by international
mediators as well; Armenia has to accept the reality."

According to Aliyev, "in 1918, Yerevan was granted to the Armenians.

It was a great mistake. The khanate of Iravan (Yerevan) was the
Azeri territory, the Armenians were guests here." As for the role
of international organizations, they, according to the Azerbaijani
president, show double standards in the problem of Nagorno Karabakh.