Tehran Times
Aug 22 2008

TEHRAN - Iran's Energy Minister Parviz Fatah underlined the importance
of Iran and Armenia's cooperation in the field of energy.

"Islamic Republic of Iran seeks developing cooperation with other
countries especially the neighboring countries," Fatah explained,
MNA reported.

"The initial studies of Meghri dam and Aras hydropower plant, as an
important project, is about to be finished and the implementation
operation will be started as soon as the required financing sources
are secured," he stated.

Referring to the region's military conflict crisis and the impact of
war upon the region's power transmission lines, the visiting Armenian
Energy Minister Armen Movsisyan said, "The new situation has affected
our country's import and export so we seek new ways to supply our
energy needs."

Movsisyan expressed hope that during Ahmadinejad's next year visit
to Armenia the two countries' presidents approve this project